Do you like a good cup of wine after a difficult day (or maybe a week) of work? Do you love having friends along with your family and sharing a cup of wine with them over the weekend or perhaps on holidays that are special? It could be annoying to need to fumble with a wine bottle, get it slip from the countertop or even attempt to keep it under your arm as you fruitlessly effort to uncork it. Well, stress no more because with a Rabbit wine opener you won’t have the issue again. This’s a cork taking the machine and will actually pull a cork in 3 seconds flat. Wine enthusiasts like this wine opener which is available in many different variations – each contains a 10-year warranty.

Rabbit Wine Opener in Black or even Silver

This wine opener works extremely fast and instantly releases the cork. The gear teeth are produced of hardened metal, and it’s received two design awards. The bronze edition features a silver foil cutter. Both are available in a really attractive business presentation situation made of Lucite that causes it to be ideal for gift giving. The situation is going to store effortlessly in a cupboard, or maybe a drawer or perhaps would look nice for a countertop. Cost is around 50 dollars.

The Vertical Rabbit Wine Opener

This version is available in candy apple red or maybe gunmetal grey; also would make an excellent kitchen accessory. The wine opener stands up on the wine bottle and works vertically. The same as the initial edition it ejects the cork immediately and pulls the cork in 3 seconds. Nothing can be faster or easier. It provides a business presentation case made of Lucite and sells for roughly 60 dollars.

Zippity Rabbit Wine Opener

This edition looks much like the original. It’s a sterling corkscrew, and it is completed in chrome for an extremely shiny look. It provides a polished chrome foil cutter and also another spiral. It zips into a situation with a polycarbonate windowpane. The case comes in red or black and sells for approximately 80 dollars.

VIP Edition Rabbit Wine Opener

The VIP Edition makes a wonderful present for a male. The corkscrew is made from sterling and has a die-cast metallic frame & a chrome finish. It provides a polished chrome foil cutter and also another spiral. The business presentation case resembles a square lighter weight, and it is basically real leather and chrome and also is available in black or red. Cost is around one hundred 20 dollars.

Electric Rabbit Wine Opener

This particular version has several unique features. It is packaged in black color with chrome trim along with a blue LCD display & a recessed spiral which locks on the container. You just reduced the electric powered Rabbit onto a wine bottle which pulls the cork immediately. After this, you lift the Rabbit far from the wine bottle which instantly ejects the cork. The LCD display shows you the number of corks you are able to pull before you are going to have to recharge it. This electrical variant of the Rabbit wine opener offers for roughly 50 dollars. This is considered one of the best electric wine opener to date.