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Five Must Visit Spots in Bangalore

Vidhan soudha

This huge building now houses the secretariat and other government offices. It is an old masterpiece by kengal hanumanthaih. This building was built in neo-dravidian style, giving it the unique south indian style. It is a sight to watch at night when the entire building is illuminated in the evening and on special occasions. You can visit it after 3 p.M. This is considered the center of the city of bangalore.

Bangalore palace

Another palace that is much spoken of and which has hosted most of the major concerts in the city is the bangalore palace. This mighty palace was built in reference to windsor castle, uk by none other than the then ruler of karnataka krishnarajendra wodeyar, but also serves as a stylish backdrop for every major event in the city! The palace covers a vast acre of land covered in lush vegetation. It also features lakes and a birdlife that would delight the heart of any nature lover. You will have to pay a ticket for the castle, which costs about 100 rupees and is open to visitors from 10am to 6am.

Lal bagh

This is the favorite of nature lovers! This huge garden was built by hyderali, the son of Tipu Sultan. Today it houses many beautiful flowers, but in the first few days it had an abundance of beautiful red roses that adorned it day and night. Hence the name “lal bagh “-red garden. The main attraction of lal bagh is the glass house. This was inspired by the london crystal palace. Another popular feature is the rose garden in lal bagh, where 150 different types of rose grow! The garden hosts its popular flower show every year. Apart from the flower shows, the garden is open to all visitors free of charge. There is usually an entrance fee for the flower shows. This beautiful and huge garden is located on lal bagh street.

Iskon temple

The iskon temple attracts thousands of followers every year! This vast and magnificent temple was an ambitious project of the international society of krishna consciousness, which also has similar beautiful temples in the rest of the country. This temple is located in rajaji nagar, about 9 km from the majestic bus stop. This temple sits on a small hill and offers clean air and an unencumbered environment. Dedicated to lord krishna, this is a place where visitors are safely touched! It is open on all days and has no entrance fee!


There’s no point visiting bangalore and not shopping on commercial street! Yes, here you can make your bags easier and it’s worth it! A huge market with the best brands for small shopkeepers. This place would take a full day to explore! It houses the best of traditional and modern shopping paradise. The deeper you go down the road, the bigger the excitement gets. Don’t forget to take the little distractions left and right. The real bargain is there! No starting money, but you would definitely part with your dear money! Reach there via shivaji nagar and kamaraj road!